Our Delicious Menu

  • fish & cips 33

    beer battered deep-fried whiting fish filet, served with salad and chips

    oven- baked seabass 37

    filet seabass filet with mixed fresh vegetables in caserole

    sea bream 33

    grilled sea bream with fresh herbs, served with salad

    stuffed calamari 41

    calamari tube stuffed with pilav prepared with currants, pine nuts, spices, and seafood served creamy shrimp saffron sauce and salad garnish

    seafood dardanelles 39

    octopus, shrimps, mussels, salmon, whiting and calamari cooked in fresh herbal tomato sauce, served in a casserole. topped with melted cheese with salad

    salmon steak 41

    grilled salmon steak on sauteed spinach and cabbage served with rocket and mashed potatoes

    prawn kadayıf 48

    deep fried king prawns wrapped with Turkish noodle served with sweet & sour sauce