Our Delicious Menu

  • penne excellency 28

    grilled eggplant, boiled broccoli, brussels sprouts, pepper pine nuts, cream, parmesan

    spaghetti bolognese 24

    the Italian classic

    penne arrabiata 23

    fresh tomato sauce, parmesan, chili sauce, basil and garlic

    pasta da vinci 26

    sauteed chicken mushrooms, artichoke, green & red pepers, asparagus, garlic, sun-dried tomato, peas and cream sauce tossed with tagliattella and parmesan

    seafood penne 38

    Mussels, octopus, calamari, sun-dried tomatoes, Rocket, spring onions and cream sauce

    spaghetti carbonara 29

    another Italian classic with Bacon, egg and cream

    lazy bay meat lasagne 27

    a herby meat lasagne smothered in a cheesy sauce served with salad

    penne a. La carne 35

    beef stripes, mushroom, garlic, rocket, caramelized onion, cream sauce topped with parmesan cheese

    risotto al fungi porcini 35

    with wild mushroom, garlic, cream, white wine & parmesan cheese