Our Delicious Menu

  • ottoman kebab 44

    pan-fried beef strips with onions, pepper, tomatoes and oriental spices, topped with melted cheese, served in a casserole with rice

    liver berlin 36

    berlin stye pan-fried beef liver with fried apple slices and onion rings

    grilled meatballs 29

    200 gr beef meat balls served with fresh mint yogurt roasted pepper and onion

    lamb & eggplant casserole 42

    grilled sliced aubergines and and lamb in a casserole cooked in the oven served with fresh tomatoe sauce, topped with beshemal and yellow cheese

    cappadocia kebab 42

    grilled filet steak on a potato bed, served with garlic yogurt and melted butter with herbs

    mexican beef fajitas (fa-hee-tas) 46

    make your own mexican pancakes stir-fried pieces of beef served on a sizzling platter with stir-fried with a selection of dips (salsa picante, sour cream andguacamole) and soft flour tortillas

    Classic Steak 49

    grilled steak containing sausage mashed potato with sauteed vegetables

    steak tagliata 44

    sliced grilled beef entrecote served on a bed of rocket, shaved parmesan cheese, garnished with sun-dried tomatoes

    steak champignons 49

    grilled steak with creamy champignons and porchini mushroom served with mashed potato and salads

    steak parmesan 49

    grilled filet steak on shoestring fries with mashed broccoli and potato wedges

  • steak Diane 49

    fillet steak cooked with onions, mushroom, mustard, cream & wine served with caramelised brussel sprouts & “accordion” potatoes

    pepper steak 49

    with mashed potato and sauteed seasonal greens