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As “Guest Comment.” Hilmi -0- Eat…Drink… And be Merry…. Anywhere, one basic instinct is to eat out –breakfast, lunch or dinner, of not all of them. Or have a drink –sipping your favourite beverage during Happy or other Hours. It’s no different in Fethiye. Or rather, particularly in Fethiye. Its relatively clement weather and breathtaking scenery supply an irresistible temptation to step out for a drink or a meal. Choices are aplenty. From seafront and hilltop cafés to secluded coves along the bays; from elegant hotel dining to street foods. Most are as healthy as they are delicious. And not all are budget-busting. In fact, relatively inexpensive compared to others at similar choice resort areas in most places. In Fethiye, one of my favourites is the Mod Café at the Ece Saray Marina and Hotel complex. A refuge for both sailors and foot soldiers alike. Like it or not, some simply can’t get away from it — from reception and treatment by the managing Selahattin; from its international cuisine by a kitchen staff led by Zafer and a host of multi-lingual waiters competing to serve you to the point of embarrasment. What to eat?  Take your pick.


The elaborate menu is at the eatery’s website Sorry, but this brief note will neither recommend nor discourage what to choose from its abundant menu. Mine is not an objective restaurant review from a food critic. I am neither. It comes from an habitue of Mod Cafe, the Marina and the Ece Saray Hotel–in, fact, admittedly a bit addicted to Mod Cafe. So, at Mod Cafe or anywhere, the idea is: “Eat, Drink and Be Merry” –and, while doling so in a relaxing atmosphere, stop worrying about the origin of the erstwhile expression (American proverb? Shakespeare? The Bible? Or even the ancient Romans?). Finally, don’t be surprised if you get more than a gourmet meal or a cool drink. As I proudly pronounced before, I found my love at that compund… -0- The above comments were contributed by Hilmi Toros, now a Fethiye resident after working as journalist and living in New York, Miami, Rome and Istanbul. He is a self-proclaimed gourmet and believes his travels to different parts of the world also took him to over 1,000 restaurants. He says his philosophy is to cook selectively and eat out (in)discriminately.
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